Can Sound Frequencies Be A Useful Tool In the Battle Against COVID-19?

Download and listen to the enclosed frequencies that may help to control COVID-19 and provide resonant support to your lungs.

“The capsid of a virus is something like the shell of a turtle,” said physicist Otto Sankey of Arizona State University. “If the shell can be compromised [by mechanical vibrations], the virus can be inactivated.”

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Our Team of Researchers Have Been Experimenting with Resonate Frequencies for More Than 40 Years

The frequencies you are about to download are the result of almost 40 years of experience by a team of researchers who began experimenting with forced resonance and harmonic wave technology in 1982. Since that time, thousands of people have benefited from this technology, using sound wave frequencies to support their health with astounding results.  

Over the course of the past 40 years, this team of accomplished medical professionals and engineers have worked tirelessly to adapt and perfect their propriety technology. The technology examines similarities in markers over hundreds of people, allowing our team to identify patterns that are consistent over a large swath of people with great consistency. 

How We Isolated the Primary Frequency

In February of 2020, a doctor from Wuhan China was able to provide video and audio files to our team from infected patients in ICU. These patients exhibited consistent symptoms and had been medically diagnosed as having the Coronavirus. From those voiceprints, our team was able to extract the information and isolate the specific frequency of the virus.

We have enclosed photos of the specific frequencies in action below.

To understand what you are seeing, observe the vertical black lines which cross the first waveform. The first black line indicates the mitochondrial region of the voiceprint, where viruses often reside. The second line indicates activity deep in the cell. The third line relates to the bloodstream. A blood test generally shows information from the outer layer of the illness. The last line indicates the lymphatic region.

These waveforms are for two different clients.

In the first client, Client A, represented in the first sound wave, we see that the virus is both present and active. In the first and second lines, we can see that the wave actually breaks into “W” forms, indicating that the frequency is so strong it has folded onto itself. 

To the layman, they may appear to be small waves. But to the trained eye, these waves are “off the charts” in terms of their effect on the health of the subject. The third line will show that the virus is present in the bloodstream and could be detected by a blood test. The fourth line expresses another “W” which means the virus is now showing up in the tissues of the subject. 

The second and third voiceprints show the progression of Client B. We can see if the first wave that the subject has the wave but is asymptomatic. In other words, the virus is present in the body but is currently dormant. She is not a carrier however as is not expressing in the outer levels where it could be passed to others through respiratory droplets (i.e. coughing or sneezing). 

In the third sound wave we can see that in Client B, after listening to the frequencies for two days, only a small marker remains. The virus has effectively been mitigated/eliminated.

Since that time, we have isolated multiple variations and mutations of the virus, which are also available for download for free. We have also provided additional frequencies to support the body in the process of healing from the virus. 

Full Disclosure

It should be noted here, that no clinical trials have been conducted and this work is in its infancy. While our team is confident that these frequencies can be effective in helping to combat this virus, no claims can be made to prove it’s efficacy. Therefore each person must make their own determination as to whether or not to use these frequencies. This is not a cure or a vaccine and should not be regarded as such. It will not keep you from contracting the virus. And while few negative side affects have been seen, each person uses these frequencies at their own risk. Because of the seriousness of the situation at hand, we have chosen to release them to you for your use at this time. Although no explicit claims can be made as to their safety or their efficacy.

How to Use the Frequencies

For people who are not presenting symptoms, it is recommended to listen to them several times per day as a complement to your healthcare routine. The frequencies do not need to be particularly loud, though if you play them louder are believed to work faster. You can play them in the background while you are listening to music or watching TV. Also be aware that children and animals can be particularly sensitive to sound, so adapt for comfort. Animals will often want to leave the space. Please allow them to do so. 

For those who are symptomatic, it is recommended that you play the frequencies on auto-repeat so that they play consistently as a support for your immune system.  Remember, if you are symptomatic, seek professional help. The frequencies are a part of the toolbox to keep you well but are in no way meant to replace conventional healthcare methods.

Can Listening to the Frequencies Hurt Me?

The frequencies are very specific and few negative side effects have been reported. The most common side affect is strong smell of ammonia in the urine as the viruses die-off, known as herxheimer reaction. If this happens, slow down on the use of the waves until your immune system can catch up. It is a great indicator, however, that the frequencies are working. Supplements that can help bind ammonia and slow the affects of the die off include Alpha Ketogluteric Acid (300 mg) or a probiotic called HU 58. Consult with your physician if your symptoms get worse. 

Helpful Links to Better Understand How Frequency Works

Wave technology can be difficult to understand. However, we know that many modern diagnostic devices use wave technology to assess your health. For example, ultrasound, EKG, ECG, EEG, MRI, CAT scan, PET scan are all devices that use wave energy. It is used both diagnostically and in treatment. 

In our work, we are focusing on the use of wave technology to restore balance in the body.

To help understand how wave form technology works, we have enclosed some videos to help you better understand.


These sound frequencies REALLY work (not that I’m surprised but amazed by the power of sound healing)! I felt I was coming down with something recently (no coughing or fever, but felt fatigued and some weirdness in my lungs). I listened to the sounds (I could FEEL it doing something in my chest) a lot consistently for two days. And felt completely better! I I wanted to share with you! Thanks!
I wanted you to know that I appreciate what you do. I recently downloaded the soundwaves and I have been using them. I am one of the people recently tested for COVID-19. I don’t have the results yet, but my symptoms match this virus. So I have been utilizing the tool and almost instantly felt a difference. My cough seems productive. I can feel the sounds throughout my body. I usually sit in my car with the volume as loud as I can stand and listen. The vibration is felt throughout my body. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. At this point I am willing to try anything…

I have been slightly ill for nearly a month. I have had headaches, a severe stomach ache, pain in my body and a small fever. Even if I had been free from fever I was not well. After I played the frequencies for 2 days I woke up yesterday morning and feel completely well again. I have remade my bed and ironed today and it’s only 10 am…so I am really well again. In Sweden nearly 40 % of those who are tested have a stomachache…I have not been tested but I have always thought that I got the virus, right from the beginning nearly a month ago. (Note, testing later indicated that indeed this person was experiencing the coronavirus.)

I work at a juvenile detention center and am considered at high risk. Three days ago I started coming down with symptoms. First a sore throat, that eventually got really bad. Then the fever. Then my breathing got difficult. I was able to get tested but it will take more than a week to get the results. In the meantime, they sent me home to self-isolate and wait for it to go away. I sent my son off to stay with his dad while I worked through this. It was really scary. I was alone and scared and couldn’t really ask anyone to help me for fear of infecting them. I was essentially helpless. I was bed bound for days and didn’t seem to be getting better. Then someone sent me the frequencies. They don’t make any sense to me and are kind of annoying to listen to. But I did it. And I have to say it was like a miracle. I could feel them working on me almost immediately. What was really amazing was that I was up and around the next day and the symptoms were subsiding quickly. I still don’t know what the diagnosis is going to say (although I am quite sure I have it) but it almost doesn’t matter because I am getting well!

It is difficult to believe that something as simple as sound can be an effective treatment for the illness. I will try and explain why I believe this modality is a viable treatment option.

Every element and organism has its own signature vibration rate. Every human on this planet is made up of many different elements, and chemical combinations. Each human is unique depending on the location they grew up in, the chemicals that were in their surrounding community from farming, manufacturing, their water treatment supply, etc.

These unique exposures for each person leave a vibrational imprint in our system, and this vibration (frequency) can be evaluated through the voiceprint analysis.

For example, children with symptoms of attention deficit disorder and/or autistic qualities seem to have a problem with their young immature liver being able to detoxify certain toxic exposures. There are metabolic pathway disruptions that don't allow them to naturally chelate out the heavy metals, destroy viruses or bacteria, a normal immune system can handle.

Adults with heavy metal poisoning, or heavy viral loads can tolerate an IV infusion, or rectal suppository treatment. Small children do not do well with these treatment modalities. Antibiotics will kill bacteria, but leaves fungal forms in the G.I. tract. Chemical treatment for fungus is, once again, very hard on the child's liver.

Sound therapy vibrates only the specific item in question out of the lining of the cell membrane, into the circulation where it can be processed and excreted out of the body. Sound therapy can also give the vibrational frequency of an element or nutrient that is needed that can't be properly absorbed at this time.

Administration of sound is safe for all, even children. Sound therapy can be administered at bedtime. While sleeping soundly, the body can clear toxic substances and symptoms improve. This improvement occurs without the addition of any more chemical substances.

Sound is a non-invasive treatment option that may help. This modality is currently undergoing clinical trials and is showing great promise as a treatment choice for many different ailments, including Covid-19.

Janice Morales, D.O.

How Can You Help?

We are all in this together! Help us by spreading the word! Also you donations go a long way toward helping us to continue and improve our research.

Share Your Results Here

Your results are important to us! Please share your experience with us. It can help us to learn and grow in our work so that we can better serve you in the future. 

5,618 thoughts on “Stop the Coronavirus with Sound Frequencies”

  1. We would like to donate to your incredible work. I clicked and downloaded the frequencies, and didn’t add a dollar amount. When you are able, please send me a way to pay for these and support the work you are doing. THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. Hello Donna
      We are a group of folks that have been working in sound for many years, An electrical engineer professor who has a specialty in non-linear waveform analysis and bio clinical engineering, A professor of Music technology and sound engineering, A Nurse practitioner who has a few specialties such as cardiothoracic transplant care, Truma, and several others. She has devoted her skills to private practice to study people who were autistic or on the spectrum, to study people with all manners of health issues and the application of wave technology to assist in the healing process. These folks have been working in the” wave technology applications” area to apply to healing process for many years, developing tools, methodologies, software and hardware to study and help other. Their goal is to assist the healing process by bring wave technology and it application to those in need of help. What you are seeing and using is such a small part of what is done and being done. They have helped other countries to put wave technologies into their medical programs to write curriculum for their medical schools. They have lead research into the wave technology and harmonic support for a multitude of applications and agencies around the world. we are a VAST Group. G

      1. Hello Greg and team. I would love an opportunity to connect with you and your team. Me and my business partners have been making Vibroacoustic Sound Lounges for several years. I’d love to share your music with our community. I do not ask for a profit. I’m in it for the love of the science. Please email me and have a look our our work.


  2. This is fascinating. Is there a way to follow you on social media to hear about how this is working with people who have the virus? I want to share as much as possible! Can you write to the news stations and try to get this broadcasted?

    1. You can try, most people are uneducated and don’t understand it. I have been approached by the NFL to use it up against players tested positive for the virus via blood work. I can see it directly in the vocal patterns. My website is, there you can read research papers,newspaper articles etc.

      1. That would be amazing if it works on the NFL players.

        So could you potentially diagnose people with COVID just on their voice patterns?

        Also – is it as effective if you listen with headphones on? If I consolidate the tracks onto one video in like iMovie, I can share with people and would it still work?

        Also… Do you have a social media account? I can help get it set up and start to spread the word to get it to as many people as possible. I am one of Debs students 🙂 I will message the phone number on website.

    2. the news stations will not do that, they are too busy stoking fear and promoting the absolute worst case scenarios as humanity’s destiny.

  3. Long time supporter, and thought I’d drop a comment.

    Your wordpress site is very sleek – hope you don’t mind me asking what theme you’re using?
    (and don’t mind if I steal it? :P)

    I just launched my site –also built in wordpress like yours– but
    the theme slows (!) the site down quite a bit.

    In case you have a minute, you can find it by searching for “royal cbd”
    on Google (would appreciate any feedback) – it’s still
    in the works.

    Keep up the good work– and hope you all take care of yourself during the coronavirus scare!


  4. I am on What’s Up group and you wrote.
    With the NRG music and NRG of cell breaking &
    inabling the disease causing state how are you suppose to listen to long extensive music. Where do you buy music to hit frequency?

    1. We have made it in the past. Greg writes the music and embeds it. We have done this on all of our flu CD’s. Some people enjoy the music ( makes it hard to watch TV) and some prefer them straight up. I’m in that group.

    2. I am not sure that, I understand your question about NRG and NRG music. I did not write to use NRG music. It is a Video showing how the different energies of the sounds the instruments create different effect in different substances. the geometric shapes the form from the resonating of the substance and the material it is vibrated on shows what canon will be happing in the human biological and hormonal systems when presented with a strong mechanical wave production. If you want to use the tones with music they need to be put through a process called brain wave synchronizing and spacial seperation . Then the waves are put into a recording and mastering process after that process the waves work with the music it is embedded into. I hope I answered your question. Thank You for your interest.

    1. I’ve been listening to the frequencies frequently. I feel an upsurge of energy and clearing. However, I’ve just had a herpes outbreak which I haven’t had in a while. Why would this occur?

      2nd question, are these frequencies helpful for lyme as well?


      1. yes but not this particular set of waves, you would need to have the person with the condition do a voice print and email it us then an analysis would be done to look at all the various ancillary factors and what waves would be need to treat the whole system and person.
        you can get in touch at

    2. yes but not this particular set of waves, you would need to have the person with the condition do a voice print and email it us then an analysis would be done to look at all the various ancillary factors and what waves would be need to treat the whole system and person.
      you can get in touch at

  5. Absolutely. I researched on HIV since we count hw many are in the cell. Cellular counts dropped from 100 to 2 in a 6 month period. I usually only use 7th harmonic waves on EBV since that limits the fatigue levels that occur with die-off.

    1. Can you direct them to this website? so they can read about what we are doing and how it is done. if not feel free to share them as needed.
      we want to see folks beat the virus and stay healthy. Thank you Joel.

    1. I am not sure I understand what you are asking as to “what are the levels” ?
      are you asking DB level or voltage level or the level in the Transforms or bode plot

  6. HI! thank you so much for this beautiful work! I am running the corona frequencies throughout the day, and have forwarded them to a friend who is displaying symptoms although she has not been tested, but the doctors have told her that it could be. I will let you know if I hear back from her!

    Now my question is, you have probably done tests on frequencies for cancer, if so, do you have some info and hopefully frequencies you can share with me?. As I am writing I get the feeling that with cancer it might be a little different since each individual person is a Universe in itself and this whole that we are, plays a role in whatever cancer one might have, but if you have something please let me know. I have a cousin who is suffering from cancer at this moment, it started with breast (this was controlled), but now she has it in three organs, one of which is the liver. Have you tried selecting frequencies for each individual? tailor made?

    Look forward to your comments
    Warm regards in Love and Light!
    Carmen Seidlitz

      1. Carmen Seidlitz

        Thank you so much for replying! I have been sending your link to many friends, and one of them who had the symptoms of the virus, seems to have done very well with it, I hope she will share her experience with you. Thank you so much for your work on this.
        Warm regards,

    1. I have the same question also. Is there a way to download to my phone without the link in case i lose the page?

    2. you can go back in for them, you will need to enter your email again, choose 0 for donation and re-download them, I also h ave them on CD’s

  7. Margaret Gruesbeck

    Thank you kindly for sharing this incredible support. May I ask what is the difference between the two COVID frequencies that are listed? How to determine which one to use?

    With love and gratitude,


    1. one is for the exact frequency of the virus the other is a harmonic
      then the other/s are used to support the different systems that get overloaded because of the virus.
      the lungs. email us at


  8. Wendi Lindenmuth

    I paid a donation for the frequencies but did not receive them. Can you please email them to me?
    Thank you

  9. Thank you for sharing — I love sound therapy and write to ask for help understanding when the corona file should be applied *versus* the Corona-7 file. Perhaps one should utilize both? I reread the literature but could not see any mention of distinction (if any) between the two. Thank you in advance — I appreciate you.

    1. Hi Janet
      The wave work together, so play all of them on a loop or repeat play.
      The waves are complied together to give and get the best effect.
      Each wave has a part to play to supports the bodies systems and kills the virus.
      one kills the virus at it fundamental frequency the other uses a Harmonic and wave differential to kill the virus.
      The other one supports the lungs activity to help with oxygenation in the lungs.

  10. The top two that say corona virus…. are they the frequency of the virus or the frequency of what will help eliminate the virus?

    1. They are the frequency that kill the virus, each one is different and does it by means of harmonics and wave type.
      the lungs is a frequency that helps support the lungs.

  11. Hi,
    I am a sound researcher and sound practitioner. Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I cannot imagine why these technologies are not already in daily use. I’m doing a PhD on the effects of binaural beats on the brain and nervous system.
    I would love to connect with your group.

    1. Hello Anonymous
      No, did not try to play them together, you will create a much different wave then is intended.
      You should play them separately.
      If you play them together you cold set up a beat frequency or a difference or average frequency or a harmonic that would not be useful, and that can be
      detrimental to the process. By playing them separately, you force the effect to happen exactly as intended at the resonant frequency of the virus. when you play the Harmonic it will attack the virus from a different lets say “energy level” and then when you play the lung frequency you are supporting the oxygenation and lung function.


  12. We would like to thank everyone for their comments and thoughts about the work.
    We are hoping each and everyone of you continue to be well and healthy.
    Go Well
    G&L&D&the rest of the team

  13. I have been listening to the frequencies for a few weeks now. I feel an upsurge in energy. However, I’ve been noticing an itchiness and allergic reaction in the area outside my eyes and just below them. Could this be a reaction of some sort to the frequencies? I did have some hydrogen sprayed near that area for sun damage – I am just not sure what’s causing this… Any thoughts would be most appreciated.


  14. Hi, thank you so much sharing this freely with the world. I hope your generosity is rewarded many times over. I’m sharing it as well.

    I have a few questions: 1) Does it make any difference whether it’s listened to in 440 or 432 Hz? 2) If after all this is over, can the lung, vitamin C and zinc be listened to alone or are the 5 a set? 3) Is copper supplementation necessary to balance the zinc?

    Thank you once again! Warm regards.

    1. Hello Wonsun

      A 1) if you are referring to the calibration of A=440 you computer sound card has a Clock that it will use to sync the sound reproduction to the correct frequency.
      But most cards are calibrated to a=440. We are using the and basing our information off pf the western tempered scale and it is a a=440

      A 2) it would be better to get a more detailed action plan for use with any of the tones so you do not mix and get an unwanted side reaction, playing the wrong waves together. This sometimes is a problem because of phasing and phase differential when it comes to bone or muscle or other things that may have similar resonances for a multitude of reasons. contact sound for more help and direction. when things settle down.

      A 3) this question is best asked of Lauren at the email address above.

      Thank you

  15. I used your frequencies and found them very helpful. When I started listening I was at the worst part of the illness. As the sounds changed I could ‘feel’ them in different areas of my body. Mostly, head, throat, lower rib area, chest and periodically my teeth. As my symptoms lessened, the sounds were calming and I didn’t ‘feel’ them the same way. I found them comforting and noticed more improvement when I looped them in the background, compared to just listening periodically.

  16. hi,
    I downloaded and donated. Thanks for your work.

    I found that there is one new wave ‘square’. What is its function?

    And the sequence to play has to be virus, 7th, suare, vc and then zinc? or they can lay in randem?



    1. the sequence of play does not matter, just as long as you play them all and play them repeatedly.
      you can put it on auto repeat or loop it.


  17. I’ve been sometimes playing one wav several times in a row since my system seemed to resonate strongly with that one. Is that ok or is it best to listen to them all once & then repeat. For ex sometimes I’ll listen too ok the Vit c or zinc a multiple times before moving on to the others.

    Thanks ,

    1. Hi Maria

      you can change the play order as you wish, just listen to them all at some point. Your body will tell you if a sound starts to get where it is irritating you, just skip that sound. Sometime the sound is out of phase for an individual or not just right. The sounds you are using are universal so if they are irritating, it could be because they are maybe off because of multiple issues with the listeners health, or it has done it’s job and you no longer need to hear that sound.
      The wave type will also have a profound effect on some folks due to the amount of harmonic energy that may have an effect on other issues.
      so if you find some sound is becoming unpleasant skip it. if you feel you need further assistance please contact us at and let us know who you re and how you found us, and what your issue is.

      I hope this helps clear up any questions

  18. Hi,

    (1) Can you also make for Vitamin E?
    (2) Should I listen this on earphone or only work via headphone?
    (3) Is it okay of I listening it if I don’t have covid in my body?
    (4) How long should I hear it, 15 minutes, one hour or else? Everyday?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello BUDI

      A- 1) yes we can make one for Vitamin E
      A-2) the problem with small ear buds is that the transducer in them can not correctly recreate the wave at the exact frequency, it uses wave guide technology
      it as uses interpolation when it come to rebuilding the wave, so the better the head phone and the better the sound reproduction system you use them more accurate you treatment will be.
      A-3) yes it is ok you may not test for it or you may not show it or you maybe asymptomatic so it will start to kill the Virus way before you feel it or it can be detected with conventional means. so l listen to the waves will have a “strengthening effect” or system support even if you do not have or get the Covid-19
      A-4) it is good to run it in the back ground as much as you can but you can even put it on a small CD player or in a play list that will repeat and then turn you music or tv on while it plays in the back ground. it is a mechanical wave sir it is constant the body recognizes it differently than complex sounds, like music or you TV or ambient sounds that come and go. a 4b) Yes everyday unit this is over

      1. Hi there,

        Thank you for answer and I will wait for the vitamin E for sure. 🙂

        Okay, I’ll buy the headphone then this week.

        Thank you.

  19. I have. been a client of Lauren O’Brien since 2010. She diagnosed. for me what all the medical tests did not pick up; an unusual toxic reaction to a substance in black and blue fruits and peaches. Needless to say she povided a cd which suppoted my immune system. Over and ove her diagnostic sounds therapy and recordings have supported my immune sysrem, elimininated viruses, and worked incredibly well on releasing stress and pain in muscles that allowed me to function and still do function very well with absolutely no pain killers. I have the cd for covid19 protrection and. play it perhaps once a day. I have no fear of this virus; Some who understand the science that the Univderse began from SOUND, understand the true meaning of how and why this works. Lauren s passionately dedicated to the welfare of humanity.

    Gloria Stanchak Alexander

  20. My son had been sick for five weeks – a dry cough for the first two weeks and then a wet cough for the next three weeks. His energy level and mental acuity fluctuated, but were never up to the normal level. After five weeks, he started developing a rash on his hands and face. We began to play Lauren’s mutation sound wave and within a day his excretions picked up; after three days he was back to normal.

  21. So far I fortunately I haven’t caught corona virus yet. I’m not sure … which of the corona virus downloads should be heard? All of them alternatively? And the Vit. C and zinc waves download … when? Additionally? Thanks for answering.

  22. The site was not working for a while and was hard to reach ( thanks google) it is up and running again. If you need additional help you can email at soundtherapy2, please place your email in the body of the email so I can quickly cut and paste into WeTransfer. I also have the program on CD Roms that make auto repeat much easier and eliminates the blue light and computer EMFs. I don’t generally moderate this forum, I will add vitamin E to the site as requested

  23. The site was not working for a while and was hard to reach ( thanks google) it is up and running again. If you need additional help you can email at soundtherapy2, please place your email in the body of the email so I can quickly cut and paste into WeTransfer. I also have the program on CD Roms that make auto repeat much easier and eliminates the blue light and computer EMFs. I don’t generally moderate this forum, I will add vitamin E to the site as requested

  24. I donated and downloaded today. What an awesome body of work! Do you have Vitamin D? How about frequencies for leaky gut and thyroid problems?

    1. Hello Lisa

      The sound Therapy is used on all things, with that being said there is a process.
      you should contact Lauren her email is soundtherapy2@gmail. com
      she has a process for intake and the can help with other issues aside from the co-vid.
      Thank You
      go well

  25. Hi sound therapy team, thank you so much. I went into paypal to purchase the CD and am wondering how I will receive it as you do not have anywhere for me to put my details. Also are the sound waves for cancer also available to purchase.
    Thank you and keep up the great work.

    1. Hello Carmel

      You can down load the frequencies from this site and use them or you can email Lauren @
      let her know you have or want to purchase the CD version and then you. can let her know about what you have going on and she can
      instruct you about how to proceed for the cancer situation.
      Thank You
      Go Well

  26. Thank you ! for coming out with yet again more frequencies.
    I’m wondering why the ammonia detox ? How it’s relevant to COVID &

    1. Hello Maria
      when you kill off viral bugs they produce a amount of ammonia and if you do this to fast you can
      cause a build up in the blood. the detox will help to keep your system from getting overloaded.

  27. Do you know if people are still getting the original & early mutations of COVID-19 or are people now just getting the 4th mutation?

    1. Yes when you down load you get all of the different strains they we have found up to that point, We have at times not had the frequencies for the latest mutation but as we get them we post them. if you are having trouble just email us with questions at
      Thank You

  28. I was unable to purchase, donate or download the frequencies because of PayPal. Is there another way to obtain them? Please let me know so I can share with family and friends. I’m a firm believer in Frequency healing and have had great success in the past. Would love to support and benefit from your project.

    1. I am sorry! but we are a hard working research team, and have made the tones and results of our hard work available for free. you do not need to donate to get them. the donations are to help the research. if you think there is some thing wrong then just leave the site. you are not being asked for anything. as you leave you also may take the tone with you to help if you wish, your type of thinking is why mankind is in such a state, mistrust, thievery, no progress in helping other stay well. You are probably some government agency working with big Pharma or some thing like that. We still realize you to are one of our brothers in humankind and offer to you your free tones if you wish and please no need to donate.

    1. you can email us if you are having trouble we have been shut down and moved several times to keep open a channel of distribution open for the tones.
      you can emails us at, you can pose any questions you have there for us. Thank you

  29. Lauren recently found a severe spike in my voice print from current Covid/pneumonia illness that has left me and many family members very sick. The new corona tones she sent are helping immensely. I have been a patient of Lauren’s sound therapy for many years. She is a genius at what she does! Thank you Lauren!

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    Duncan Smith

    1. please stay of this site we are just trying to help our fellow human beings we do not need your moneys schemes or any of that. Thank you

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